What is it?

Starzonia.com is a free web-based amazon price and reviews comparison engine. It can find you an amazon product, showing at one place its all reviews and prices (including shipping) on different amazon shops. Learn more...


We buy a lot at amazon(s)! Mostly books and electronics. It is easy, convenient and the choice is great.

Sometimes before purchasing a product we would like to see its reviews on other amazon sites. Opening several amazon sites with the same product and comparing reviews was tedious, so we developed starzonia.com. It shows at one glance the "stars" on different amazon shops and calculates total average from those reviews.

A place or "zone" where you can find "stars" we called "starzonia" :-)

The next logical step was to compare prices, too. A price of the very same product may be quite different at different amazon shops so sometimes it is simply cheaper to buy an item from different amazon shop than our "standard one" :-).

There were already tools for price comparison. However, we wanted to have the final price as precise as possible. Prices may vary quite a lot due to tax differences (especially in EU), so starzonia.com takes that into account. It is still not perfect (for example we don't consider customs duty) and in some cases the final price may be slightly different from the price you are going to pay. Nevertheless in most cases, especially for books, it works pretty well - check it out!

Sometimes we wanted to wait with buying a product until its price drops, so we made the tracker: it sends mail notification whenever price drops.

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