Frequently Asked Questions

A product price displayed on Amazon site is just the product price in the country of given Amazon. The final price you will see at the last step of ordering a product - just after telling Amazon where the product should be shipped to. And exactly that price we show you straight away, i.e. the item's price shipped to given destination country.

No. You can use the same email and password you use on "your" Amazon site to log in to another Amazon. More....
Yes. Using Google Chrome browser it is possible to translate pages on the fly. For example I don't speak Italian, but I still can shop on Amazon.it, because it gets translated to English on the fly. More....
There could be a few reasons. The product you searched for...
  • ... is being sold by a third party seller, not by Amazon itself. See the previous question.
  • ... can't be shipped to your location.
  • ... did not manage to get on the list of displayed products. The more specific you are, the more accurate results we can provide. For example, if you look for a book, write its full title.
  • ... is not included in the results we get from Amazon - we can't do anything about it.
No. What's due, if anything, depends on the type of goods and where they come from. You can check it with duty calculator.
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