How to buy from foreign amazon sites


First of all you may ask why buy anything from a foreign amazon site, right?

Well one reason is that the price, including shipping to your country from a foreign amazon, could be lower than from your "default" amazon. To figure out which option is the cheapest starzonia.com can be used. Most of the time your "default" amazon will deliver you goods at lowest price. Sometimes, however, you will see that buying from a foreign amazon simply saves your money.

For example.

Living in Austria the "default" amazon is amazon.de. However, sometimes ordering a product from a foreign amazon is simply cheaper! In the example below, buying Nikon 55-200MM F/4-5.6 AF-S VR DX Black Lens and shipping it to Austria at from amazon.co.uk is much cheaper than from amazon.de ! In this example you may save 33%, so €83.81! Check for more recent examples on the bottom of our main page.


How to login?

Fortunately it is possible to use the same username and password to log in to any amazon site (except Amazon.co.jp and joyo.com), so once you have a valid credentials on, e.g. amazon.com you can use them to log in to amazon.de, amazon.co.uk, and so on...

How about different language?

Thanks to Google there is Google Chrome which can translate pages on the fly, so basically you can browse amazon.it and the site will get translated on the fly. Of course apart from some buttons made with images... But hey! Those few words can be remembered :-)

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