What is starzonia.com?

Buying from the favourite amazon

Usually the favourite amazon is either the geographically nearest one or the one with an interface in your language.

For example, a customer from Austria buys products from amazon.de, where in some cases there are no delivery costs. He can buy a camera for EUR 100 + 0 (delivery costs to Austria).

Comparing prices with starzonia.com

Using starzonia.com you can compare prices from different amazons, where prices may significantly vary.

For example, the overall price (including shipping to Austria) of the camera may be lower at amazon.fr (EUR 60 + 10) than at amazon.de (EUR 100 + 0).

Buying from a foreign amazon

In some cases buying from a foreign amazon you simply save money.

In our example, buying the camera from amazon.fr (EUR 70) instead of amazon.de (EUR 100) saves you EUR 30!
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Why to use starzonia.com?


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